about 7 years ago

And the winner is...

We've got a winner! Congratulations to Timothy Cyrus for his Electron app that puts his daily class schedule in the menubar. It works. It's neat. And it builds for OSX, Linux, and Windows.

You can find it and all the other submissions in the gallery.

about 7 years ago

Diggin' on the desktop

Hola! Hope you had a great weekend. We just published the LevelUp 2 submission gallery, so go check out the Electron apps!

about 7 years ago


Wake up! You've got ~24 hours to finish your Electron app (ugh, I haven't even started mine). Submissions close @ 5pm ET 9/17

about 7 years ago

Tutorial video

Heyo! I found a great Electron tutorial video that will help you start your app. It's only 9 minutes long, but it's a pretty thorough Hello World. Check it out! 

about 7 years ago

Desktop apps of awesomeness

Ayo! Week 1 is almost over and I’m eager to see what you’ve been hacking on. Tweet @DevpostHacks a link, screenshot, or gif so we can RT that bad jackson.

BTW, we’re in this together. I’m building my Electron app using Devpost’s unofficial API to pull in hacker and project info. (But that’s all I’m sharing for now.)

Happy Hacking!

~ Neal

about 7 years ago

Get started

Hey there! The Devpost team and I are geeked that you signed up for LevelUp2. This is one of our first learning focused hackathons and we really think you’ll have fun with it.



So, Electron. It’s a node.js framework for building desktop apps and it’s being used by folks like Slack, Microsoft, and GitHub, just to name a few.

What I dig about it Electron is that it enables you build apps using the web dev tools & processes you’re already familiar with: npm modules, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. Plus you get access to native OS…

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